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202 Methods of Forcing by Theo. Annemann (Revised Edition) 202 Methods of Forcing
by Ted Annemann

Arguably the most complete treatise on forcing for cards, numbers, colors, books, words, etc., ever assembled.

This book covers practically every method of forcing ever thought of or heard of. All indexed by category to make them easier to find.

A must-have reference that you will refer to again and again, as the need arises for the perfect force for a particular occasion.

This new, revised version is the only one we've seen that contains a full 202 items, each numbered for convenience.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what magicians from around the world have to say about 202 Methods of Forcing:

"One of the most valuable books ever compiled. Only a man of Ted's knowledge could have written it."
  —Max Holden

"A compendium of practical information that no practical performer can be without."
  —Leo Rullman

"Very useful."
  —Paul Fleming

Revised version includes a new chapter, rearrangement of methods for better categorization, all methods individually numbered, and scores of corrections.

Format: Physical book. Soft covers, 40 pages. Saddle-stitched.

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