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Fifteen Minutes With A Piece of Rope by Ralph W. Hull15 Minutes With A Piece of Rope
by R. W. Hull

A complete routine that will captivate your audience from start to finish. If you never buy another rope effect, experts agree, this is the one to use!

Developed by the creator of the "Pop-Eyed Popper Deck" and "Mental Discernment," so you know it has to be great--and it is.

To make it easier to learn this beautiful routine, Nelson Hahne, one of the best magic illustrators in the business, was commissioned to provide the 53 pen-and-ink drawings that accompany the text.

Here's a partial listing of what's included:

  • Hull's Famous Vanishing Knot
  • The Disappearing Square Knot
  • The Hindu Knot
  • The Magic Shoelaces
  • The Cut and Restored Rope
  • The Stretching Rope--And A Surprise Ending
  • Hull's Rope Through Neck
  • Three Ropes That Blend Into One
  • The Marked Rope and the Thumb Tack

Some of you will read the effect titles and think that you know it already. Trust us: you don't. Hull's nefarious subtleties and bold moves will have you itching to try them on an audience yourself.

Best yet, each trick sets up for the next one in the progression, helping to build what could be the perfect routine. Yet, if you wish, you can omit a few, or cherry-pick the ones that suit you best and use them as standalone miracles. The choice is yours.

Don't be surprised if your audiences remember this routine far longer than the others in your show; it's that good.

"First-rate material. The purchaser will get a bargain."    --George Armstrong review in The Magic Wand

"A cut-and-restored effect, where the spectator first marks the center of the rope? I didn't believe it myself, but it works! Brilliant!"    --T. A. Whitney

"Many worthwhile ideas. Well-illustrated."    --John Mulholland

"One of the best values in rope effects."    --Stuart Robson

"Good, commercial magic. Will entertain and mystify the audience."    --Max Underwood in The Magical Review

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1937 first edition. Includes important edits and updates; completely reset in crystal clear type. Now with added biography and additional material. 56 pages + supplement. ($6 US)

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