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101 Ways to Make Magic Pay by Windsor and McCarron101 Ways to Make Magic Pay
by Tommy Windsor
& B. W. McCarron

Revised, enlarged and updated handbook for earning extra money from magic.

No matter if you live in a small community or a major metropolis where competition is fierce, the authors reveal over a hundred proven methods for making money from magic, mentalism, or whatever your performing interest may be.

There's much more to being financially self-sufficient than simply doing shows or handing out business cards and waiting for the phone to ring.

Now, in one place, you'll have most everything you need to hit the ground running and add to your income - in some cases, even when you're not performing!

In today's employment market, it makes good sense to be prepared in case of injury, illness or corporate downsizing. When you have a fallback gig as your own boss, you're not only adding to your revenue stream when times are tough, but when times are good, you'll be able to sock away even money or spend on whatever you please.

Whether you're a magician, mentalist, comic, juggler, or variety artist, you're sure to find something of value.

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • How to build a fine magic library at no cost to you. (#82)

  • An in-demand $5 or $10 seller that costs you literally pennies... and customers will stand in line to buy one from you! (#99)

  • Talking your way to extra money. (#79)

  • A seldom-used way for magicians to find extra performing gigs. (#76)

  • How to make extra money with your digital camera. (#80)

  • Breaking into the TV market. (#59)

  • A great way to get paid for doing free shows. A closely guarded professional secret. (#94)

  • And many more!

"Certainly worthy of careful reading if you have any ideas of earning a living from magic, or if you hope to make your hobby pay for itself." (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)

Magic World revised edition features three new chapters, 29 new entries, plus additional updates.

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