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101 Tips for Psychic Entertainers by Robert A. Nelson101 Tips for Psychic Entertainers
by Robert A. Nelson

The owner of the Nelson Enterprises reveals his most prized performing secrets for mentalists and psychic entertainers in this revised and expanded edition.

Improve your act--financially and artistically--by studying this collection of presentation tips and performing advice from this noted author, performer and expert on all things related to mentalism and the allied arts.

If yoi attended a lecture for professional mentalists and obtained this information, you'd consider it a bargain at three times the price. Yet, here it is, updated and aranged for you in convenient digital book form, for less than the price of a fast food lunch. This could be the most informative book in your working library.

Arranged into several sections, including Advice on Presentation; Thoughts on Apparatus; Methods; Answers to Audience Questions; Selling and Promotion; Publicity and Exploitation; Professional Advice; and more.

While we could have removed eight to ten suggestions pertaining to theatrical methods and devices that the modern performer may no longer use, we decided to leave them in. By doing so, we feel that it gives today's psychic entertainers additional insight and respect for the mental pioneers of yesterday, who astonished audiences with their somewhat crude methods.

The original edition contained 80-some tips. We've added four new chapters, including one entitled "More Professional Secrets" that provides inside secrets from today's professional psychic entertainers that will make you an even better showman and performer.

Formerly sold for over $35 in today's money; now available in this revised and expanded edition for much less.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 116 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog under the title "99 Tips, Tips and Wrinkles for the Crystal Gazer."

PDF format. 35 pages + supplement. Magic World expanded and corrected reprint of the 1927 Nelson Enterprises edition. All text has been reset in crystal-clear type. Includes additional chapters and updated content. ($8 US)

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