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December 29

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2005Millionaire British concert promoter Sharon Tendler, 41, marries 'Cindy,' a 35-year-old bottlenosed dolphin, in Eliat, Israel.
2002Joe Strummer, guitarist and lead singer for rock group The Clash, dies at his Somerset, England, home at age 50.
1996A peace accord is signed in Guatemala, ending 36 years of civil unrest there.
1989Vaclav Havel becomes the first non-communist elected as president of Czechoslovakia in 40 years.
1975Eleven people die when a bomb explodes in the main terminal at LaGuardia Airport in New York.
1957Entertainers Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme are married in Las Vegas.
1940Germany begins the bombing of London during WWII, damaging many buildings, such as historic St. Mary's Cathedral.
1934Japan renounces the London Naval Treaty of 1930 and the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922.
1890300 Sioux Indians are killed by US troops at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.
1851The first YMCA in the US is organized in Boston.
1848Gaslights are installed in the White House in Washington, DC.
1845Texas is admitted as the 28th state of the US.
1813British soldiers burn the town of Buffalo, NY during this War of 1812 battle.
1170  English Archbishop Thomas Becket is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.

Born today:

1983  Jessica Andrews - country singer

1975  Shawn Hatosy - actor

1972  Jude Law - actor

1970  Glen Phillips - singer (Toad The Wet Sprocket)

1966  Mystro Clark - TV host (Soul Train)

1966  Jason Gould - actor

1961  Jim Reid - singer, guitarist (The Jesus and Mary Chain)

1959  Paula Poundstone - comedienne

1951  Yvonne Elliman, singer, actress

1947  Ted Danson - actor (Cheers)

1946  Marianne Faithfull - singer

1946  Laffit Pincay - jockey

1941  Ray Thomas - singer (The Moody Blues)

1940  Ed Bruce - country singer

1938  Jon Voight - actor, father of actress Angelina Jolie

1937  Mary Tyler Moore - actress

1934  Tom Jarriel - ABC news commentator

1934  Ed Flanders - actor

1917  Thomas Bradley - former mayor of Los Angeles

1907  Robert C. Weaver - first African-American US Cabinet member

1876  Pablo Casals - cellist

1808  Andrew Johnson - 17th president of the US

1800  Charles Goodyear - tire manufacturer

1766  Charles Macintosh - waterproof fabrics inventor


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