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December 25
Christmas Day

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

James Brown: The Ultimate Collection 
 James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, dies of heart failure at age 73.
 (photo credit: Universal International)

1999US astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery complete repairs on the Hubble Space Telescope.
1995Entertainer Dean Martin dies at his Beverly Hills, California, home at age 78.
1991USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev announces his resignation.
1989Former Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu is executed during a revolt.
1977Comic film star Charlie Chaplin dies in Switzerland at age 88.
1965The Beatles' lead guitarist George Harrison proposes to fashion model Pattie Boyd.
1950Walt Disney makes his TV debut with a one hour special airing on NBC.
1946Actor and comedian W.C. Fields dies in Pasadena, California, at age 66.
1939Lionel Barrymore reads Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol on the CBS radio network for the first time.
1926Hirohito is named Emperor of Japan.
1896The Stars and Stripes Forever is written by Jon Philip Sousa.
1818Silent Night is performed for the first time, at a church in Oberndorff, Austria.

George Washington
 US General George Washington's forces cross the Delaware River for an attack against
 the British at Trenton, New Jersey.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1066William the Conqueror is crowned King of England.
  336Christmas is celebrated on this day in Rome.
  0 AD  Jesus of Nazareth is born in a stable in Bethlehem.

Born today:

1958  Noel Hogan - guitarist (The Cranberries)

1958  Ricky Henderson - baseball outfielder

1957  Shane MacGowan - guitarist (The Pogues)

1954  Robin Campbell - guitarist (UB40)

1954  Annie Lennox - singer (The Eurythmics)

1950  Manny Trillo - baseball player

1949  Sissy Spacek - actress

1948  Barbara Mandrell - country singer

1946  Jimmy Buffett - singer

1946  Larry Csonka - NFL running back, actor

1945  Noel Redding - bassist (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

1945  Gary Sandy - actor (WKRP in Cincinnati)

1945  Ken Stabler - NFL quarterback

1944  Henry Vestine - guitarist (Canned Heat)

1937  O'Kelly Isley - singer (The Isley Brothers)

1932  Little Richard - singer

1924  Rod Serling - TV host-narrator (The Twilight Zone)

1918  Anwar Sadat - Egyptian president

1914  Tony Martin - singer

1907  Cab Calloway - singer-bandleader

1899  Humphrey Bogart - actor

1895  Cal Farley - Boys Ranch founder

1892  Rebecca West, author

1887  Conrad Hilton - Hilton Hotels founder

1876  Mohammed Ali Jinnah - Republic of Pakistan founder

1821  Clara Barton - nurse, American Red Cross founder

1642  Isaac Newton - mathematician

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