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December 23

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000Pianist Victor Borge dies of heart failure in Greenwich, Connecticut.
1997A Denver jury convicts Terry Nichols of conspiracy and involuntary manslaughter for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing.
1990The citizens of Slovenia vote in favor of seceding from Yugoslavia.
1986Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager complete the first nonstop, round-the-world flight without refueling, aboard the experimental aircraft Voyager.
1982Actor Jack Webb (Dragnet) dies of a heart attack at age 62 in West Hollywood, California.
1968North Korea releases the 82 crew members of the US intelligence ship Pueblo, 11 months after their capture.
1961Actor Martin Sheen (The West Wing) marries Janet Templeton.
1954The Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, starring Kirk Douglas and James Mason, is released to theatres.
1928The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) expands to a coast-to-coast network of radio stations.
1919The first hospital ship, the 515-bed USS Relief, is launched.

Woodrow Wilson
 US president Woodrow Wilson signs the Federal Reserve Act, establishing the Federal
 Reserve bank system.
 (photo credit: NARA)


George Washington
 First US president George Washington retires to Mount Vernon, Virginia.
 (photo credit: NARA)


Born today:

1971  Corey Haim - actor

1969  Greg Biffle - NASCAR auto racer

1964  Eddie Vedder - rock singer (Pearl Jam)

1963  Jim Harbaugh - NFL quarterback

1958  Dave Murray - guitarist (Iron Maiden)

1951  Johnny Contardo - singer (Sha-Na-Na)

1948  Jack Ham - football player

1946  Susan Lucci - actress (All My Children)

1945  Ron Bushy - drummer (Iron Butterfly)

1943  Harry Shearer - actor (This is Spinal Tap)

1940  Eugene Record - singer (Chi-Lites)

1940  Jorma Kaukonen - guitarist (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna)

1939  Johnny Kidd - singer (Johnny & The Pirates)

1935  Esther Phillips - R&B singer, pianist

1933  Akihito - Japanese Emperor, son of Emperor Hirohito

1929  Dick Weber - bowling champ

1926  Robert Bly - author

1925  Harry Guardino - actor (Dirty Harry movies)

1911  James Gregory - actor (Barney Miller)

1860  Harriet Monroe - Poetry magazine founder

1805  Joseph Smith - Mormon leader


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