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December 10

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999 Computer scientist Wen Ho Lee is arrested for suspicion of removing top secret data from computers at the Los Alamos weapons lab.
1995 The first US Marines arrive in Bosnia (formerly a part of Yugoslavia), to join the NATO peacekeeping mission there.
1990 Industrialist and Occidental Petroleum owner Armand Hammer dies at age 92.
1980 US Representative John W. Jenrette (D-SC) resigns, following his for activities relating to the FBI's ABSCAM investigation.
1967 26-year-old R&B singer Otis Redding, and four members of his band, are killed in a private plane crash near Madison, Wisconsin.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Tapes (Jerden)
Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. becomes the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

(photo credit: Jerden Records

1953 Hugh Hefner publishes the first issue of Playboy magazine.
1950 United Nations undersecretary Ralph Bunche is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize -- the first African-American to be so honored.
1945 The Netherlands joins the United Nations.
1906 US president Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
1898 The Spanish-American War officially ends with the signing of a peace treaty in Paris.
1896 The first intercollegiate basketball game is played, as Wesleyan defeats Yale, 4-3.
1896 Scientist Alfred Nobel dies.
1869 Women in the Wyoming Territory gain the right to vote.
1817   Mississippi becomes the 20th state to join the US.

Born today:

1985  Raven Symone - actress (The Cosby Show)

1971  Scot Alexander - grunge bassist (Dishwalla)

1961  Nia Peeples - actress

1952  Susan Dey - actress (The Partridge Family)

1949  Frank Beard - drummer (ZZ Top)

1948  Jessica Cleaves - singer (Friends of Distinction)

1947  Walter Orange - drummer, singer (The Commodores)

1946  Ace Kefford - bassist (The Move)

1943  Chad Stuart - guitarist, singer (Chad and Jeremy)

1933  Mako - actor

1924  Ken Albers - singer (The Four Freshmen)

1923  Harold Gould - actor

1914  Dorothy Lamour - actress

1911  Chet Huntley - TV news anchor

1903  Mary Norton - children's author

1851  Melvil Dewey - librarian (Dewey Decimal System inventor)

1830  Emily Dickinson - poet


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