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December 9

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2006A deadly fire in a Moscow drug treatment hospital kills 45 women locked in the building.
2006Space shuttle mission STS-116 begins with the successful nighttime launch of the shuttle Discovery from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
2002United Airlines, the world's second largest carrier, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
1992Britain's Prince Charles and Princess Diana announce plans to separate.
1984L.A. Rams running back Eric Dickerson becomes only the second NFL player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a season.
1973The rock opera Tommy opens in London, featuring live performances by Rod Stewart, Roger Daltry, and Keith Moon.
1971The United Arab Emirates is admitted to the United Nations.
1966Barbados joins the United Nations.
1958The John Birch Society is formed in Indianapolis, Indiana.
1941China declares war on Germany, Italy, and Japan, during WWII.
1926Golf clubs with steel shafts (instead of hickory) are legalized by the US Golf Association.
1907Christmas seals go on sale for the first time, as a fund raiser for tuberculosis research.
1905French law separates church and state.
1856African explorer Dr. David Livingstone returns to London.
1854Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade is published.
1793Noah Webster begins publication of The America Minerva -- New York City's first daily newspaper.
1669  Pope Clement IX dies.

Born today:

1972  Tre Cool - drummer (Green Day)

1965  Jerry Hughes - keyboardist (Yankee Grey)

1958  Nick Seymour - bassist (Crowded House)

1957  Donny Osmond - TV host, singer (The Osmond Brothers)

1956  Sylvia - singer

1954  Jack Hues - singer (Wang Chung)

1953  John Malkovich - actor

1950  Joan Armatrading - singer

1949  Tom Kite - golf champ

1945  Michael Nouri - actor

1942  Dick Butkus - football player, actor

1941  Beau Bridges - actor, director

1938  David Houston - singer

1937  Deacon Jones - football player (Hall of famer)

1933  Morton Downey, Jr. - actor, TV host

1930  Buck Henry - actor, writer

1929  John Cassavetes - actor, director

1928  Dick Van Patten - actor

1925  Dina Merrill - actress

1922  Redd Foxx - comedian, actor (Sanford and Son)

1916  Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch Demsky) - actor

1912  Tip O'Neil - Speaker of the House (1977-87)

1911  Broderick Crawford - actor (Highway Patrol)

1911  Lee J. Cobb - actor

1909  Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - actor

1906  Freddy Martin - saxophonist, bandleader

1898  Emmett Kelly - clown

1886  Clarence Birdseye - quick-freeze food inventor

1848  Joel Harris - author (Uncle Remus stories)

1608  John Milton - poet


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