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December 7

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2004IBM announces the sale of its personal computer division to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.
1996The NASA space shuttle Columbia (flight STS 80) lands after a 19-day mission -- the longest shuttle flight to date.
1993Henri Konan Bedie proclaims himself president of Ivory Coast.
1988A massive earthquake strikes northern Armenia in the USSR, killing 25,000 people.
1985Former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart dies in Hanover, NH, at age 70.
1972Apollo 17, NASA's final moon landing mission, lifts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
1970Harry Reasoner begins his duties as co-anchor (with Howard K. Smith) of The ABC Evening News, succeeding Frank Reynolds.
1970Cartoonist-inventor Rube Goldberg dies in New York City at age 87.
1965The Roman and Orthodox churches reconcile for the first time since 1054.
1941Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, forcing the US into World War II.
1917The US declares war on Austria and Hungary, during WWI.
1836Martin Van Buren is elected to be the 8th US president.
1835The first railroad in Germany opens, with tracks connecting Nurnberg and Furth.
1796John Adams is selected as the second US president.
1787  Delaware is the first American colony to ratify the Constitution, and thus becomes the first state admitted to the US.

Born today:

1987  Aaron Carter - singer (brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter)

1975  Nicole Appleton - singer (All Saints)

1966  C. Thomas Howell - actor (E.T.)

1958  Tim Butler - bassist (The Psychedelic Furs)

1956  Larry Bird - basketball player, coach

1955  Priscilla Barnes - actress (Three's Company)

1954  Mike Nolan - singer (Bucks Fizz)

1949  Tom Waits - singer, actor

1947  Johnny Bench - baseball player, sportscaster

1942  Harry Chapin - singer, songwriter

1940  Carole Simpson - ABC News weekend anchor

1932  Ellen Burstyn - actress (Oscar® winner, 1974)

1931  Bobby Osborne - mandolin player, singer (The Osborne Brothers)

1926  Victor Kiam - owner, Remington corporation

1923  Ted Knight - actor

1915  Eli Wallach - actor

1911  Louis Prima - trumpeter, singer

1761  Marie Tussaud - wax museum curator


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