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December 2

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000Blink 182 singer-bassist Mark Hoppus marries Skye Everly.
1995Actress Roxie Roker (The Jeffersons) dies of breast cancer at age 66.
Did you know? Roxie's son is singer Lenny Kravitz.

1993Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is shot to death in Medellin.
1989V.P. Singh is sworn in as prime minister of India.
1986Cuban-born bandleader and actor Desi Arnaz (I Love Lucy) dies of lung cancer at age 69.
1969Boeing gives members of the press a historic first passenger flight from Seattle to New York City aboard the 747 jumbo jet.
1961Fidel Castro declares himself the Communist leader of Cuba.
1942A demonstration of the world's first nuclear reactor is given at the University of Chicago.
1939La Guardia Airport in New York begins operations.
1932The Adventures of Charlie Chan debuts on the NBC radio network.
1927Henry Ford unveils the first Model A automobile, successor to the Model T, in New York City's Waldorf Hotel.
1859Abolitionist John Brown is hanged for his part in a raid on Harper's Ferry, WV.
1823US president James Monroe discusses his now-famous doctrine opposing European expansion in the Western Hemisphere.
1816The Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, the first savings bank in the US, opens for business.
1804  Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned emperor of France.

Born today:

1981  Britney Spears - singer

1978  Nelly Furtado - singer

1973  Monica Seles - tennis player

1968  Lucy Liu - actress

1968  Nate Mendel - rock bassist (Foo Fighters)

1962  Tracy Austin - tennis player

1960  Rick Savage - rock bassist (Def Leppard)

1958  Randy Gardner - figure skater

1954  Stone Phillips - NBC news journalist

1952  Michael McDonald - singer, keyboardist (The Doobie Brothers)

1948  Cathy Lee Crosby - actress, singer

1946  Gianni Versace - fashion designer

1925  Julie Harris - actress

1923  Maria Callas - opera singer

1914  Ray Walston - actor (My Favorite Martian)

1863  Charles Ringling - circus manager

1859  Georges Seurat - French painter


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