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November 28

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1995US president Bill Clinton signs a bill to end the 55 miles per hour federal speed limit.
1994Convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in a Wisconsin prison.
1990British prime minister Margaret Thatcher gives her resignation to Queen Elizabeth II; John Major is named as Thatcher's replacement.
1987A South African Airways jumbo jet crashes into the Indian Ocean, killing all 159 passengers aboard.
1979An Air New Zealand jetliner crashes into a mountain in Antarctica, killing all 257 passengers aboard.
1964The US launches the Mariner Four space probe to Mars.
1958The African nation of Chad becomes a French republic.
1953A photoengravers strike in New York City starts today, shutting down newspaper production for 11 days.
1942Wartime coffee rationing begins in the US during WWII.
1942Nearly 500 people die when fire destroys the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston.
1919US-born Lady Astor is elected as Britain's first female member of Parliament.
1895The first US auto race took place, as six drivers zoomed from Chicago to Waukegan, IL.
1520  Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Pacific Ocean via the South American strait that now bears his name.

Born today:

1967  Anna Nicole Smith - actress, model

1965  Jon Stewart - comedian

1962  Matt Cameron - drummer (Soundgarden)

1959  Judd Nelson - actor

1950  Ed Harris - actor

1949  Alexander Godunov - ballet dancer, actor

1949  Paul Shaffer - bandleader (David Letterman show)

1948  Beeb Birtles - guitarist (Little River Band)

1946  Joe Dante - producer, writer, director

1943  Randy Newman - singer, songwriter

1939  Gary Troxel - singer (The Fleetwoods)

1933  Hope Lange - actress

1929  Berry Gordy, Jr. - Motown record label founder

1929  Gloria Grahame - actress

1757  William Blake - poet


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