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November 25

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999Five-year-old Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez is rescued off the coast of Florida.
1998Comedian Flip Wilson dies in Malibu, California, at age 64.
1987Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago, dies in office at age 65.
1974U Thant, former UN Secretary-General, dies in New York at age 65.
1973A military coup removes Greek President George Papadopoulos from power.
1973Congress reduces the US maximum speed limit to 55 miles per hour, in an effort to saves lives and energy.

John F. Kennedy
 The body of slain US president John F. Kennedy is laid to rest at Arlington National
 (photo credit: NARA)


1944Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the first baseball commissioner, dies at age 87.
1897Puerto Rico is granted autonomy by Spain.
1851The first North American chapter of the YMCA is organized in Montreal.
1783The British army leaves New York, ending their US presence during the American Revolution.
1758  Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh, PA) is captured by the British during the French and Indian War.

Born today:

1971  Christina Applegate - actress

1966  Stacey Lattisaw - singer

1964  Mark Lanegan - singer (Screaming Trees)

1963  Bernie Kosar - NFL quarterback

1960  John F. Kennedy, Jr. - attorney, son of US president John F. Kennedy, Jr.

1960  Amy Grant - singer

1951  Bucky Dent - baseball player, manager

1947  John Larroquette - actor

1944  Ben Stein - actor, TV host

1941  Percy Sledge - singer

1940  Joe Gibbs - NASCAR team owner, former NFL coach

1938  Lenny Wilkens - basketball player, head coach

1920  Ricardo Montalban - actor

1914  Joe DiMaggio - Baseball Hall of Famer

1881  Angelo Roncalli - 261st Roman Catholic pope (1958-63)

1846  Carrie Nation - temperance movement leader

1835  Andrew Carnegie - industrialist, philanthropist


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