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November 19

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2006The Nintendo Wii game console is introduced in the US.
2005Pop singer Christina Aguilera marries music executive Jordan Bratman at a ceremony in California's Napa valley.
2002Capitol posthumously releases Brainwashed, an album recorded by former Beatle George Harrison.
1996The NASA space shuttle Columbia (flight STS 80) blasts off, beginning a 19-day mission -- the longest scheduled shuttle flight to date.
1990Pop duo Milli Vanilli have their Grammy® Award taken away because they did not do the singing on their Girl You Know It's True album.
1988Greek shipping heiress Chrstine Onassis (daughter of Aristottle Onassis), dies of heart failure in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at age 37.
1978Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones, his mistress, and nearly 900 followers, commit suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in Jonestown, Guyana.
1977Egyptian President Anwar Sadat visits Israel, becoming the first Arab leader to do so.
1969Apollo 12 astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean make mankind's second lunar landing.
1966LA Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax, age 30, announces his retirement from baseball, due to arthritis.
Did you know? In his 12 seasons of professional baseball, Koufax struck out 2,396 batters and had a 165-87 win-loss record.

1959The last Edsel automobile is produced by Ford, ending a two-year production of 110,847 cars.
1954The first automatic toll collectors in the US are installed on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.
1946Afghanistan, Iceland, and Sweden are admitted to the United Nations.
1863During the dedication of a new national cemetary at the site of a bloody Civil War battle, US president Abraham Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg Address speech.
1828  Composer Franz Schubert dies of typhus in Vienna at age 31.

Born today:

1975  Tamika Scott - R&B singer (Xscape)

1969  Travis McNabb - rock drummer (Better Than Ezra)

1966  Gail Devers - Olympic runner

1966  Jason Scott Lee - actor

1962  Jodie Foster - actress (Oscar® winner: 1988, 1991)

1961  Meg Ryan - actress

1960  Matt Sorum - rock drummer (Guns N' Roses, The Cult)

1954  Kathleen Quinlan - actress

1949  Ahmad Rashad (Bobby Moore) - football player, sportscaster

1947  Bob Boone - baseball player, father of Bret Boone

1943  Fred Lipsius - piano, saxophonist (Blood Sweat and Tears)

1942  Calvin Klein - fashion designer

1941  Dan Haggerty - actor (Grizzly Adams)

1939  Garrick Utley - NBC news journalist, TV host

1938  Ted Turner - CNN, TBS, TNT, Atlanta Braves owner; married to actress Jane Fonda

1938  Hank Medress - singer (The Tokens)

1936  Dick Cavett - TV host

1933  Larry King - TV/radio host

1921  Roy Campanella - baseball catcher

1919  Mr. Ed (MGM)  

Alan Young - actor (Mr. Ed)
(photo credit: MGM)

1917  Indira Gandhi - Prime Minister of India

1905  Tommy Dorsey - trombonist, bandleader

1831  James A. Garfield - 20th US president


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