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November 3

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003The US Congress approves an $87 billion aid package for military operations and aid in Iraq and Afghanistan.
2002Lonnie Donegan, the singer-guitarist who started the skiffle music craze (and a major influence on The Beatles), dies of a heart attack at age 71.
1995Nearly 900 people lose their lives as Typhoon Angela rips through the Philippines.
1992Carol Moseley-Braun (D-Illinois) becomes the first African-American woman elected to the US Senate.
1992Democrat Bill Clinton is elected US president by defeating the incumbent, George Bush.
1990Broadway actress Mary Martin dies in Rancho Mirage, California, at age 76.
Did you know? Mary played the title role in the 1955 TV production of Peter Pan. She was also the mother of actor Larry Hagman.


Carly Simon (Elektra Entertainment)
 Carly Simon and singer-guitarist James Taylor are married in New York City.
 (photo credit: Elektra Entertainment)


1964US president Lyndon B. Johnson wins reelection over Republican opponent Barry Goldwater.
1957The Sputnik II Earth satellite is launched by the USSR with a dog, Laika, as passenger.
Did you know? The satellite was not designed for a safe landing; Laika was put to sleep a week into the mission. Sputnik II stayed aloft for nearly six months.

1936US president Franklin D. Roosevelt wins by a landslide in his first of three reelection bids.
1908Republican William Howard Taft is elected US president over William Jennings Bryan (who also lost 12 years earlier).
1903Panama declares its independence from Colombia.
1896Republican William McKinley is elected US president over noted orator William Jennings Bryan.
1868  Ulysses S. Grant, running on the Republican ticket, is elected US president over challenger Horatio Seymour.

Born today:

1960  James Prime - keyboardist (Deacon Blue)

1959  Dolph Lundgren - actor

1956  Phil Simms - NFL quarterback, sportscaster

1954  Adam Ant - singer

1953  Dennis Miller - comedian, actor

1953  Kate Capshaw - actress

1953  Roseanne Barr - actress, comedienne

1949  Larry Holmes - WBC heavyweight boxing champ (1978-85)

1949  Mike Evans - actor

1948  Lulu - singer

1934  John Barry - film score composer

1933  Michael Dukakis - Massachusetts Governor

1933  Ken Berry - actor

1921  Charles Bronson - actor

1918  Bob Feller - baseball pitcher

1908  Bronko Nagurski - football running back

1845  Edward White - US Supreme Court Chief Justice (1894-1921)

1794  William Cullen Bryant - poet

1793  Stephen Austin - Texas patriot; state capital is named for him

1718  John Montague (Earl of Sandwich) - sandwich inventor


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