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October 27

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003Rod Roddy, flamboyant announcer for the TV game show The Price is Right, dies of cancer in Los Angeles at age 65.
1990Bandleader Xavier Cugat dies in Barcelona, Spain, at age 90.
1978Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin are named co-recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.
1967Expo '67 closes in Montreal, Canada.
1961Mauritania and Mongolia are admitted to the United Nations.
1954Walt Disney premieres his first series, Disneyland, on ABC, while his theme park is still under construction.
1947Groucho Marx hosts the radio premiere of You Bet Your Life, on ABC radio.
1941An editorial in the Chicago Daily Tribune downplays the possibility of a US war with Japan, stating "Even our base at Hawaii is beyond the effective power of her fleet."
1938The DuPont company changes the world forever with the introduction of its new synthetic yarn, Nylon.
1904New York City unveils the first electric subway, the IRT, linking the Brooklyn Bridge to midtown Manhattan.
1880Future outdoorsman and US president Theodore Roosevelt marries Alice Lee.
1829The first US patent for a baby carriage is issued.
1776  A Danish fort in the Virgin Islands becomes the first foreign nation to salute the US flag when it recognizes a US schooner.

Born today:

1967  Scott Weiland - singer (Stone Temple Pilots)

1958  Simon LeBon - singer (Duran Duran)

1952  Roberto Benigni - actor, director

1951  Jayne Kennedy - TV reporter

1949  Jack Daniels - guitarist, singer (Highway 101)

1942  Lee Greenwood - singer (God Bless the USA)

1939  John Cleese - actor, comedian

1933  Floyd Cramer - pianist

1928  Kyle Rote - football player, sportscaster

1924  Ruby Dee - actress

1922  Ralph Kiner - baseball player

1920  Nanette Fabray - actress

1914  Dylan Thomas - poet, playwright

1910  Fred De Cordova - producer, director

1858  Theodore Roosevelt - 26th US president (1901-09)

1782  Nicolo Paganini - violinist

1728  James Cook - British explorer


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