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October 26

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1990  CBS founder William S. Paley dies in New York at age 89.
1975Anwar Sadat becomes the first Egyptian president to visit the United States.
1970Gary Trudeau's comic strip, Doonesbury, debuts in newspapers across the US.
1968The Flushing Meadow Park Zoo opens in New York City.
1967The Shah of Iran crowns himself king.
1965The Beatles become Members of the British Empire, receiving their medals from Queen Elizabeth II in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.
1958Pan Am flies its first Boeing 707 jetliner from New York to Paris in eight hours, 41 minutes.

Harry Truman DVD (SoundWorks)
 US president Harry Truman signs a measure raising the minimum wage from 40 to 75
 cents an hour.

 (photo credit: SoundWorks)


1942The US aircraft carrier Hornet is sunk in the WWII Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands.
1902Women's rights advocate Elizabeth Cady Stanton dies.
1825The Erie Canal, connecting Lake Erie and New York City (via the Hudson River), opens.
1774The First Continental Congress adjourns in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1664The British Marines are organized.
1289The University of Montpellier (France) is organized when the medical and law schools unite.

Born today:

1978  Mark Barry - singer (BBMak)

1963  Natalie Merchant - singer

1963  Marla Maples - actress, Mrs. Donald Trump

1962  Cary Elwes - actor

1954  Lauren Tewes - actress

1953  Keith Strickland - drummer (The B-52s)

1947  Jaclyn Smith - actress

1946  Pat Sajak - TV host (Wheel of Fortune)

1946  Ivan Reitman - film director

1946  Keith Hopwood - guitarist, singer (Herman's Hermits)

1947  Hillary Rodham Clinton - NY senator, wife of 42nd US president Bill Clinton

1944  Michael Piano - singer (The Sandpipers)

1942  Bob Hoskins - actor

1916  Francois Mitterand - President of France

1914  Jackie Coogan - actor (The Addams Family)

1913  Charlie Barnet - saxophonist

1911  Mahalia Jackson - singer

1894  John Knight - Knight-Ridder newspaper mogul

1874  Abby Rockefeller - cofounder of NY Museum of Modern Art

1854  Charles Post - Post cereals founder

1834  Joseph Hansom - invented the Hansom horse-driven taxi cab

1685  Domenico Scarlatti - composer


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