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October 24

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2001Two trucks collide inside the Gotthard Tunnel in the Swiss Alps (the world's second-largest road tunnel), killing 10 motorists and leaving 80 unaccounted for.
1996  Singer-dancer Paula Abdul marries Brad Beckerman.
1994Actor Raul Julia dies of a cancer-related stroke in Manhasset, New York, at age 54.
1991Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry dies in Santa Monica, California, at age 70.
1945Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, El Salvidor, France, Haiti, Iran, Lebanon, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States are admitted to the United Nations.
1945The United Nations charter becomes effective.
1940The Fair Labor Standards Act goes into effect, mandating a 40-hour work week in the US.
1939Nylon stockings for women appear on store shelves for the first time (Wilmington, Delaware).
1931The George Washington Bridge, connecting New York City with New Jersey, opens to traffic.

Niagara Falls
 Ann Edson Taylor becomes the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls
 in a barrel.
 (photo credit: Hemera)


1861Coast to coast telegram service begins today; US president Abraham Lincoln receives the first one.

Daniel Webster
 US statesman Daniel Webster dies at age 70.
 (photo credit: Hemera)


Born today:

1980  Monica - singer

1979  Ben Gillies - drummer (Silverchair)

1962  B.D. Wong - actor

1948  Mott the Hoople: Mott (Sony)  

Dale 'Buffin' Griffin - rock drummer (Mott the Hoople)
(photo credit: Sony)

1947  Kevin Kline - actor (Oscar® winner, 1988)

1946  Jerry Edmonton - drummer (Steppenwolf)

1939  F. Murray Abraham - actor (Oscar® winner, 1984)

1937  Santo Farina - steel guitarist (Santo and Johnny)

1936  Bill Wyman (William George Perks) - bassist (The Rolling Stones)

1936  David Nelson - actor, brother of singer Ricky Nelson

1930  The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) - singer

1923  Denise Levertov - poet

1911  Sonny Terry - singer, harmonica player

1904  Moss Hart - playwright, director

1900  Preston Foster - actor

1891  Molina Trujillo - President of the Dominican Republic

1855  James Sherman - 27th US Vice President (1909-12)


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