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October 22

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2002Former CIA Director Richard Helms dies at age 89.
1981The US government decertifies the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, because of their walk-out strike two months back.
1973Conductor-composer Pablo Casals dies in Puerto Rico, at age 96.
1968The NASA space mission Apollo 7 ends successfully, as the capsule and its three astronauts splashes down safely in the Atlantic.

John F. Kennedy
 US president John F. Kennedy declares an air and naval blockade of Cuba, after learning
 of Soviet missile bases there.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1954West Germany is accepted as a member of NATO.
1939A pro football game is televised for the first time by NBC affiliate WNBC in New York City.
1883The first performance is held at the new Metropolitan Opera House, in New York City.
1836Sam Houston is sworn in as the president of the Republic of Texas.
1797The first descent by parachute is made in Paris.
1746  Princeton University (formerly the College of New Jersey) is chartered.

Born today:

1985  Zac Hanson - singer, drummer (Hanson)

1968  Shaggy - reggae singer

1968  Shelby Lynne - country singer

1966  Valeria Golino - actress

1963  Brian Boitano - figure skater (Olympic gold medalist, 1988)

1960  Cris Kirkwood - rock bassist (Meat Puppets)

1953  Patti Davis - author, daughter of US president Ronald Reagan

1952  Jeff Goldblum - actor

1945  Eddie Brigati - singer (The Young Rascals)

1945  Leslie West - singer, guitarist (Mountain)

1943  Bobby Fuller - singer, guitarist (Bobby Fuller Four)

1943  Catherine Deneuve - actress

1942  Annette Funicello - actress

1939  Tony Roberts - actor

1939  Ray Jones - bassist (Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas)

1938  Christopher Lloyd - actor

1938  Derek Jacobi - actor

1925  Robert Rauschenberg - artist

1920  Timothy Leary - psychologist, 1960's LSD advocate

1920  Mitzi Green - actress

1917  Joan Fontaine - actress (Oscar® winner, 1941)

1907  Jimmie Foxx - baseball Hall of Famer

1844  Sarah Bernhardt - actress

1811  Franz Liszt - composer


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