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October 18

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

Gwen Verdon (Time Inc.)

Stage actress Gwen Verdon< dies of a heart attack in Woodstock, Vermont, at age 75.
(photo credit: Time Inc.)

1982   Bess Truman, wife of former US president Harry Truman, dies in Independence, Missouri, at age 97.
1979 The Radio City Music Hall in New York City reopens after remodeling to return it to its original art deco appearance.
1971 The final issue of Look magazine hits the newsstands.
1969 The FDA bans the use of cyclamates (artificial sweeteners) because of evidence they cause cancer.
1944 Soviet forces invade Czechoslovakia during WWII.
1943 The radio drama Perry Mason debuts on the CBS network.
1931 Prolific inventor Thomas Edison dies in West Orange, New Jersey, at age 84.
1892 Long-distance telephone service between Chicago and New York City begins.
1867 The US obtains Alaska from Russia.
1767 Politicians agree to the Mason-Dixon line as the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Born today:

1974  Peter Svensson - guitarist (The Cardigans)

1962  Vincent Spano - actor

1961  Wynton Marsalis - trumpeter, bandleader

1961  Erin Moran - actress

1960  Jean Claude Van Damme - actor

1958  Thomas 'Hit Man' Hearns - boxer

1952  Keith Knudsen - drummer (The Doobie Brothers)

1951  Pam Dawber - actress (Mork & Mindy)

1947  Laura Nyro - singer

1947  Joe Morton - actor

1943  Russ Giguere - guitarist, singer (The Association)

1942  Willie Horton - baseball player

1939  Mike Ditka - football player, coach, sportscaster

1934  Inger Stevens - actress

1933  Forrest Gregg - football player

1933  Peter Boyle - actor

1928  Keith Jackson - sportscaster

1927  George C. Scott - actor (Oscar® winner, 1970)

1926  Chuck Berry - singer, guitarist

1925  Melina Mercouri - actress

1919  Pierre Trudeau - Canadian Prime Minister (1968-79)

1918  Bobby Troup - actor, composer (Emergency!)

1902  Miriam Hopkins - actress


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