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October 17

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1989  A 7.1 magnitude earthquake jolts northern California, killing 67 people and causing billions of dollars of damage.
1979India's Mother Teresa receives the Nobel Peace Prize.
1967The rock musical Hair premieres at New York City's Anspacher Theater.
1966Botswana and Lesotho are admitted to the United Nations.
1945Juan Peron becomes leader of Argentina, following a military ousting of the former regime.
1945Actress Ava Gardner and bandleader Artie Shaw are married.
1933Scientist Albert Einstein arrives in the US from Germany.
1933Newsweek magazine debuts.

Al Capone
 Chicago mobster Al Capone is found guilty of federal income tax evasion and sentenced to an 11
 year prison term.

 (photo credit: FBI)


1917RCA (Radio Corporation of America) is founded.
1888The first issue of National Geographic magazine is published.

Born today:

1972  Eminem (Marshall Mathers) - rapper, actor

1972  Wyclef Jean - singer

1971  Chris Kirkpatrick - singer (N Sync)

1968  Ziggy Marley - reggae singer

1963  Norm Macdonald - comedian, actor

1958  Alan Jackson - country singer

1955  Sam Bottoms - actor

1948  George Wendt - actor (Cheers)

1948  Margot Kidder - actress

1947  Michael McKean - actor

1946  Jim Tucker - guitarist (The Turtles)

1942  Gary Puckett - singer (Gary Puckett and The Union Gap)

1941  Alan Howard - bassist (Brian Poole and The Tremeloes)

1940  James Seals - singer, guitarist (Seals and Crofts)

1938  Evel Knievel - motorcycle daredevil

1927  Tom Poston - actor

1926  Beverly Garland - actress

1920  Montgomery Clift - actor

Rita Hayworth

1918  Rita Hayworth - actress
 (photo credit: NARA)

1915  Arthur Miller - playwright

1912  John Paul I (Albino Luciani) - Roman Catholic pope, died 33 days into his term

1909  Cozy Cole - jazz drummer; played with Louis Armstrong

1902  Irene Ryan - actress (The Beverly Hillbillies)

1900  Jean Arthur - actress

1880  Charles Kraft - Kraft Food Company co-founder

1837  Richard Johnson - 9th US Vice President (1837-41)


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