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October 11

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

Pope John Paul II
 Pope John Paul II grants sainthood to Edith Stein, a nun killed at the Auschwitz
 death camp in WWII.

 (photo credit: NARA)


1984Kathy Sullivan becomes the first US woman astronaut to perform a space walk, outside of the space shuttle Challenger.
1975The music and comedy TV show, Saturday Night Live, premieres on NBC.
1975Future US president Bill Clinton marries future NY senator Hillary Rodham in Fayetteville, AR.
1968Wally Schirra, Walter Cunningham, and Donn Eisele blast off aboard Apollo Seven, the first three-man mission since the ill-fated Apollo One training fire that claimed the lives of three astronauts.
1968The first pygmy hippopotamus is born in captivity at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago).
1899The Boer War begins.
1890The Daughters of the American Revolution organization is founded in Washington, DC.
1811The first steam-powered ferry service goes into operation between NY City and Hoboken, New Jersey.
1809  Explorer Merriwether Lewis (Lewis and Clark expedition) dies.

Born today:

1966  Luke Perry - actor

1962  Joan Cusack - actress

1961  Steve Young - NFL quarterback

1955  Norm Nixon - basketball player

1948  Daryl Hall - singer (Hall and Oates)

1939  Maria Bueno - tennis champ

1932  Dottie West - singer

1925  Elmore Leonard - author

1918  Jerome Robbins - director (Oscar® winner, 1961)

1906  Charles Revson - Revlon cosmetics founder

1887  Willie Hoppe - billiards champ

1884  Henry Heinz - Heinz catsup founder

1884  Eleanor Roosevelt - wife of 32nd US president Franklin D. Roosevelt


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