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October 1

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In the headlines today:
2004 Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki sets a new major league baseball hitting record of 259 hits in a single season. Suzuki tied, then broke, the 84-year-old former record of 257 hits during the game against the Texas Rangers at Safeco Field in Seattle.
2004 The full-length animated feature Shark Tale opens in theaters.
2003 The National Do-Not-Call list goes into effect, despite a US Circuit Court ruling that the FTC had no authority to manage the program.
2002 Billionaire TV Guide publisher Walter Annenberg dies at age 94 in Philadelphia.
1971 The Walt Disney World resort opens in Orlando, Florida.

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson takes over as host of The Tonight Show on NBC-TV.
(photo credit: R2 Entertainment)

1961 New York Yankees slugger Roger Maris hits his 61st home run of the season, setting a major league baseball record.
1952 This is Your Life, hosted by Ralph Edwards, debuts on NBC-TV.

Mao Tse-Tung
Mao Tse-Tung proclaims his country the People's Republic of China.
(photo credit: NARA)


1908 Automaker Henry Ford debuts his Model T automobile to the buying public.
1903 Boston hosts the first World Series baseball game.
1890 Yosemite National Park is established.
1880 Composer John Philip Sousa is named director of the US Marine Corps Band.
1800   A secret treaty with Spain gives Louisiana to France.

Born today:

1974  Keith Duffy - singer (Boyzone)

1968  Kevin Griffin - singer (Better Than Ezra)

1950  Randy Quaid - actor

1947  Stephen Collins - actor

1945  Donny Hathaway - singer

1945  Rod Carew - baseball player

1944  Scott McKenzie - singer

1943  Herb Fame - singer (Peaches & Herb)

1936  Stella Stevens - actress

1935  Julie Andrews - actress, singer (Oscar® winner, 1964)

1933  Richard Harris - actor

1932  Albert Collins - blues guitarist

1928  George Peppard - actor

1927  Tom Bosley - actor

1926  Roger Williams - pianist

1924  William Rehnquist - US Supreme Court Chief Justice

1924  Jimmy Carter - 39th US president (1977-81)

1921  James Whitmore - actor

1920  Walter Matthau - actor (Oscar® winner, 1966)

1904  Vladimir Horowitz - pianist

1881  William Boeing - airplane manufacturer


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