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September 29

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

George W. Bush: Portrait of a Leader (Karen Hughes)
US president George W. Bush signs the Do Not Call Registry into law.

(photo credit: Tyndale House)


1995 The defense rests, sending the O.J. Simpson murder trial to the jury.
1988 The NASA space shuttle Discovery lifts off, the first shuttle flight following the Challenger disaster.
1986 Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast, Mary Lou Retton, retires from competition.
1982 Over 250,000 bottles of Tylenol brand pain reliever are voluntarily recalled, following the poisoning death of seven people from cyanide-laced capsules in tampered packages.
1978 Pope John Paul I is found dead in his Vatican apartment, just over a month after becoming head of the Roman Catholic Church.
1977 Muhammad Ali becomes the world heavyweight boxing champ, beating Ernie Shavers at Madison Square Garden.
1962 The Broadway production of My Fair Lady closes, after a run of over 6 years.
1943 The US and Italy sign an armistice, during WWII.
1930 Singer/actor Bing Crosby marries Dixie Lee.
1930 Lowell Thomas makes his news anchor debut on CBS radio.
1829 Scotland Yard police, the 'Bobbies', make their first appearance on the streets of London.

George Washington
 US president George Washington signs the first federal appropriations act.
 (photo credit: NARA)


Born today:

1970  Emily Lloyd - actress

1963  Les Claypool - rock bassist (Primus)

1958  Andrew Dice Clay - comedian, actor

1956  Sebastian Coe - runner (set world record for 800 meters)

1948  Bryant Gumbel - TV host, actor

1948  Mark Farner - guitarist, singer (Grand Funk Railroad)

1948  Mike Pinera - guitarist (Iron Butterfly)

1944  Mike Post - movie and TV theme composer

1943  Lech Walesa - Polish leader

1942  Jean-Luc Ponty - jazz violinist

1942  Ian McShane - actor

1942  Madeline Kahn - actress

1939  Larry Linville - actor (M*A*S*H)

1935  Jerry Lee Lewis - singer, pianist

1931  Anita Ekberg - actress

1923  Bum Phillips - Houston Oilers football coach

1916  Trevor Howard - actor

1913  Stanley Kramer - film director

1908  Greer Garson - actress (Oscar® winner, 1942)

1907  Gene Autry - cowboy actor, singer

1547  Miguel de Cervantes - author


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