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September 28

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2004 A redesigned US $50 bill, incorporating a host of anti-counterfeiting measures, goes into circulation.
1990The exiled Kuwaiti emir visits US president George Bush, and complains of numerous hostilities by Iraqi forces.
1989Ex-Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos dies in Hawaii at age 72.
1960Mali and Senegal join the United Nations.
1955The first color TV broadcast of a World Series baseball game is made by NBC.
1950Indonesia is admitted to the United Nations.
1924A pair of US Army airplanes land in Seattle, Washington, after an historic, 175-day, round-the-world flight.
1920Eight Chicago White Sox baseball players are indicted for taking part in the 'Black Sox' gambling scandal, where Chicago intentionally lost to Cincinnati during the 1919 World Series.
1892The first night football game is played.
1787Congress votes to send the newly completed US Constitution to the individual states for approval.
1781US troops, with help from French warships, begin the battle of Yorktown Heights, VA, during the American Revolution.
1542Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovers California.
1066  William the Conqueror and the Normans invade England.

Born today:

1975  Mandy Barnett - country singer

1967  Mira Sorvino - actress

1967  Moon Unit Zappa - actress

1964  Janeane Garofalo - comedienne, actress

1954  Steve Largent - Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver, Us Senator (Oklahoma)

1947  Jeffrey Jones - actor

1946  Helen Shapiro - singer, actress

1941  Charley Taylor - football player

1938  Ben E. King - singer

1935  Bruce Crampton - golfer

1934  Brigitte Bardot - actress

1923  William Windom - actor

1919  Tom Harmon - football player, sportscaster

1916  Peter Finch - actor (Oscar® winner, 1976)

1909  Al Capp - Li'l Abner cartoonist

1905  Max Schmeling - heavyweight boxing champ

1902  Ed Sullivan - TV host, newspaper columnist

1901  William S. Paley - founded CBS network

1856  Kate Smith-Wiggin - author


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