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September 26

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1997  234 people die when an Indonesian Airbus A-300 jetliner crashes on approach to Medan Airport in Sumatra.
1999Singer/actress Vanessa Williams marries NBA star/actor Rick Fox.
1995The prosecution begins its closing argument in the murder trial of football star/actor O.J. Simpson.
1991Eight people begin a 2-year experiment aboard a sealed capsule, Biosphere Two, in Arizona.
1986William Rehnquist is sworn in as the 16th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.
1969The spy spoof series Get Smart, starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon, moves to CBS TV. The show began on rival network ABC four years earlier.

Richard M. NixonJohn F. Kennedy
 US presidential candidates Richard Nixon (left) and John F. Kennedy square
 off in their first nationally televised debate.
 (photo credit: NARA)


1957The musical West Side Story opens on Broadway.
1914The US Federal Trade Commission is established.
1789Thomas Jefferson is appointed the first US secretary of state.

Born today:

1981  Serena Williams - tennis player

1972  Shawn Stockman - singer (Boyz II Men)

1965  Cindy Herron - R&B singer (En Vogue)

1962  Melissa Sue Anderson - actress

1956  Linda Hamilton - actress

1955  Carlene Carter - singer

1954  Craig Chaquico - guitarist (Jefferson Starship)

1948  Olivia Newton-John - singer

1948  Mary Beth Hurt - actress

1947  Lynn Anderson - country singer

1945  Bryan Ferry - singer (Roxy Music)

1942  Kent McCord - actor

1941  Joe Bauer - drummer (The Youngbloods)

1934  Winnie Mandela - wife of South African president Nelson Madela

1931  George Chambers - bassist, singer (Chambers Brothers)

1926  Julie London - actress, singer

1925  Marty Robbins - country singer

1914  Jack LaLanne - fitness guru

1898  George Gershwin - composer

1897  Pope Paul VI - 262nd pope of the Roman Catholic Church

1895  George Raft - actor

1888  T.S. Eliot - poet

1774  Johnny Appleseed - apple tree planter


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