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September 11
Patriot's Day (US)

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2004Broadway musical lyricist Fred Ebb (Chicago; Cabaret; New York, New York) dies of a heart attack in New York at age 76. .
2003Actor John Ritter dies of a heart complication at a Burbak, California, hospital at age 54.
2002Legendary NFL quarterback Johnny Unitas dies of a heart attack at age 69.
20012,800 people die when the World Trade Center collapses after terrorists crash a pair of hijacked jetliners into the twin towers in New York City. At 9:37 AM ET, the hijacked jetliner of American Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon in Washington, DC, while a fourth jet slams into the ground near Pittsburgh. This day will forever be remembered as 9|11, or Patriot's Day.
1985Pete Rose breaks the major league baseball hit record, slugging for number 4,192 against San Diego.
1974Shea Stadium is the site of the longest game in National League baseball history, where the visiting St. Louis Cardinals beat the New York Mets 4-3, in 25 innings.
1970CBS-TV airs the last episode of Get Smart, the spy spoof featuring Don Adams as secret agent Maxwell Smart.
1962Ringo Starr plays on his first recording session as a member of The Beatles.
1959Congress authorizes food stamps as part of a plan to distribute food to US citizens living in poverty.
1958  The first atomic-powered submarine, the USS Swordfish, is completed.
1954The Miss America Pageant is broadcast to a national TV audience for the first time.
1917French WWI flying ace Georges Guynemer is killed in a dogfight over Poelcappele, France.
189775,000 coal miners end their 10-week strike which stopped production in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
1875The world's first comic strip appears in the New York Daily Graphics newspaper.
1850Jenny Lind makes her first US concert appearance.
1609  English explorer Henry Hudson discovers Mahattan Island.

Born today:

1971  Mack Strong - NFL fullback

1967  Harry Connick, Jr. - singer, actor

1965  Tony Woods - NFL defensive end

1962  Kristy McNichol - actress

1957  Jon Moss - drummer (Culture Club)

1954  Reed Birney - actor

1949  Marty Liquori - distance runner

1945  Leo Kottke - singer, guitarist

1943  Mickey Hart - drummer (The Grateful Dead)

1940  Brian De Palma - movie director

1940  Bernie Dwyer - drummer (Freddie and The Dreamers)

1939  Lola Falana - singer

1937  Robert Crippen - US astronaut (piloted first space shuttle)

1932  Bob Packwood - US senator (OR)

1928  Reubin Askew - governor (FL)

1924  Tom Landry - pro football coach

1917  Ferdinand Marcos - Philippines ruler

1913  Paul 'Bear' Bryant - college football coach

1902  Jimmie Davis - singer, songwriter, governor (LA)

1862  O. Henry (William. S. Porter) - author


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