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September 7

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003Singer-songwriter Warren Zevon dies of lung cancer at age 56 in Los Angeles.
2002Uzi submachine gun inventor Uzi Gal dies in Philadelphia at age 79.
1999A magnitude 5.9 earthquake rocks Athens, Greece, killing 143 people.
1999Viacom announces it is buying CBS for $36 billion, making it the largest media acquisition in history.
1995Oregon Senator Bob Packwood announces his retirement, making it unnecessary for a full Senate vote to oust him for allegations of sexual misconduct.
1979ESPN makes its cable TV broadcast debut.
1977G. Gordon Liddy is released from prison after serving a four-year term for his part in the Watergate conspiracy.
1971CBS-TV broadcasts the final episode of The Beverly Hillbillies.
1966The final episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show is aired on CBS-TV.
1963The professional football Hall of Fame is dedicated in Canton, OH.

Rita Hayworth
 Actress Rita Hayworth and actor Orson Welles are married. (They would divorce on
 December 1, 1948.)
 (photo credit: NARA)

1936Hoover (Boulder) Dam begins operation.
1921The first Miss America Pageant is held at Atlantic City, New Jersey.
1896The first auto race held at a race track takes place today in Cranston, RI.
1822Brazil declares its independence from Portugal.
1548  Catherine Parr, widow of King Henry VIII of England, dies.

Born today:

1969  Angie Everhart - model, actress

1956  Michael Feinstein - pianist, singer

1954  Corbin Bernsen - actor

1954  Benmont Tench - keyboardist (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

1951  Chrissie Hynde - singer, guitarist (The Pretenders)

1951  Julie Kavner - actress

1950  Susan Blakely - actress

1949  Gloria Gaynor - singer

1946  Alfa Anderson - singer (Chic)

1946  Joe Rudi - baseball player

1942  Richard Roundtree - actor (Shaft)

1936  Buddy Holly - singer, guitarist (Buddy Holly and The Crickets)

1930  Sonny Rollins - saxophonist

1928  Al McGuire - pro basketball star, sportscaster

1924  Daniel Inouye - US Senator (Hawaii)

1923  Peter Lawford - actor

1923  Louise Suggs - golf champion

1921  Arthur Ferrante - pianist (Ferrante and Teicher)

1920  Al Caiola - guitarist

1913  Anthony Quayle - actor

1909  Elia Kazan - film director

1860  Grandma Moses - painter

1533  Elizabeth I - Queen of England (1558-1603)



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