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September 3

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1994 China and Russia agree to a non-aggression pact.
1990 A Florida dentist dies of AIDS after allegedly infecting five of his patients with the AIDS virus.
1989 A Cuban jetliner crashes shortly after takeoff in Havana, killing 152 people.
1981 David Brinkley ends 38 years with NBC News as anchor and commentator, only to jump ship to rival network ABC.
1976 The unmanned NASA spacecraft, Viking Two, makes a successful Mars landing, beginning its mission of sending color photos back to Earth.
1970 Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi dies in Washington DC.
1967 Nguyen Van Thieu is elected president of South Vietnam.
1954 After nearly 3,000 episodes, The Lone Ranger hangs up his spurs, ending a 21-year legacy of radio drama.
1951 The soap opera Search for Tomorrow debuts on CBS-TV.

Frank Sinatra (Warner Bros / WEA)
Singer-actor Frank Sinatra begins his solo singing career.
(photo credit: Warner Bros / WEA)

1939 England and France declare war against Germany, during WWII.
1935 Malcolm Campbell sets a new land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, driving the Bluebird Special to slightly over 304 mph.
1895 Latrobe, PA is the site of the world's first professional football game, played today between the Latrobe YMCA and the Jeannette Athletic Club. (Latrobe won the contest 12-0.)
1783 The American Revolution ends, as the US and Britain sign a treaty in Paris.
1189   King Richard I (Richard the Lion-Hearted) of England is crowned.

Born today:

1980  Jason 'Cone' McCaslin - bass guitarist (Sum 41)

1973  Jennifer Paige - singer

1965  Charlie Sheen - actor

1955  Steve Jones, guitarist (Sex Pistols)

1948  Don Brewer - rock drummer/singer (Grand Funk Railroad, Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band)

1945  George Biondo - rock bassist (Steppenwolf)

1944  Gary Leeds - drummer (The Walker Brothers)

1943  Valerie Perrine - actress

1942  Al Jardine, singer, bass guitarist (The Beach Boys)

1935  Eileen Brennan - actress

1934  Richard Castellano - actor

1931  Dick Motta - basketball coach

1926  Bill Fleming - ABC-TV sportscaster

1925  Hank Thompson - country singer

1924  Irene Papas - actress

1923  Mort Walker - cartoonist (Beetle Bailey)

1916  Eddie Stanky - baseball player, manager

1915  Kitty Carlisle-Hart - actress, game show panelist

1913  Alan Ladd - actor

1875  Ferdinand Porsche - car designer

1596  Nicolo Amati - luthier



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