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August 30

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2002J. Lee Thompson, director of such films as Cape Fear and The Guns of Navarone, dies in Canada of heart failure at age 88.
1997The world learns of the Paris car crash that killed England's Princess Diana, her husband and Harrod's owner Dodi Fayed, and their driver.
1986US News and World Report correspondent Nicholas Daniloff is arrested by Soviet authorities for suspicion of spying.
1983Guion S. Bluford Jr, the first African-American astronaut, blasts off as a crewmember aboard the space shuttle Challenger.
1968John and Yoko Lennon's One on One concert at Madison Square Garden raises $250,000 to help mentally retarded children.
1967The US Senate confirms Thurgood Marshall as the first black US Supreme Court Justice.
1965Casey Stengel retires from baseball after a career spanning 40 years.
1963The Hot Line phone linking the White House with the Kremlin was installed.
1954Fender Stratocaster electric guitarLeo Fender files a US patent application for his tremolo guitar tailpiece (which would eventually be used on his Fender Stratocaster electric guitar). The patent would be granted on April 10, 1956.
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1941Nazi forces take the city of Mga as the siege of Leningrad begins during WWII.
1922Tiger Rag, still a familiar ragtime tune, is recorded by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings.
1905Baseball slugger Ty Cobb makes his major league debut.
1862Confederate troops defeat Union forces at the Second Battle of Bull Run in Manassas, Virginia.
1682William Penn sails from England to America, where he would establish the Pennsylvania Colony.
1146  The crossbow is outlawed as a weapon of war by a conference of European leaders.
30 BC Queen Cleopatra of Egypt commits suicide.

Born today:

1980  Aaron Barrett - rock vocalist/guitarist (Reel Big Fish)

1975  Rich Cronan - singer (LFO)

1973  Lisa Ling - TV hostess (The View)

1972  Cameron Diaz - actress

1954  David Paymer - actor

1951  Timothy Bottoms - actor

1950  Mick Moody - guitarist (Whitesnake)

1947  Peggy Lipton - actress (The Mod Squad)

1944  Tug McGraw - baseball pitcher

1943  Jean-Claude Killy - skier (1968 Olympic Gold Medalist)

1941  John McNally - singer, guitarist (The Searchers)

1939  Elizabeth Ashley - actress

1935  John Phillips - singer (The Mamas & The Papas)

1931  John Swigert, Jr. - astronaut

1918  Kitty Wells - country singer

1918  Ted Williams - baseball Hall of Fame outfielder

1912  Joan Blondell - actress

1908  Fred MacMurray - actor (My Three Sons, Flubber)

1907  Shirley Booth - actress

1896  Raymond Massey - actor

1893  Esther Cleveland - daughter of Grover Cleveland (first child of a US president born in White House)

1870  Maria Montessori - educator (Montessori School founder)

1837  Ellen Herndon Arthur - wife of 21st US president Chester A. Arthur

1799  Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley - author (Frankenstein)


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