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August 25

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999 Oasis bass player Paul McGuigan announces he is leaving the band.
1994 Led Zeppelin bandmates Jimmy Page and Robert Plant record an acoustic set at London's television centre. The performance would later be aired on MTV's Unplugged series.
1980 Zimbabwe is admitted to the United Nations.

ELP: Trilogy (Rhino/WEA)  
Progressive rockers Emerson, Lake and Palmer make their stage debut at The Guildhall in Plymouth, England.
(photo credit: Rhino / WEA )

1964 The Beatles receive a gold record -- their third -- for A Hard Day's Night.

Harry Truman DVD (SoundWorks)  
US president Harry Truman orders the Army to take over the railroads to stop a possible labor strike.
(photo credit: SoundWorks)

1944 After four years of Nazi occupation, a jubilant Paris is liberated by the Allies during WWII.
1919 Commercial air passenger service begins between England and Paris.
1916 The US National Park Service is established.
1902 The first Arabic language US daily newspaper begins publication in New York City.
1900 Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche dies in Weimar, Germany.
1875 Matthew Webb becomes the first to swim across the English Channel (Dover, England, to Cap Gris-nez, France); the effort took 22 hours, 45 minutes.
1867 Scientist Michael Faraday dies.
1825 Uruguay declares its independence from Brazil.
1814 The US Library of Congress -- and its 3,000 books -- is destroyed by British troops.
1558   King Francis II of France marries Mary, Queen of Scots.

Born today:

1966  Terminator X - rap DJ (Public Enemy)

1965  Cornelius Bennett - football player

1964  Morgan Englund - actor, son of Cloris Leachman

1964  Blair Underwood - actor

1964  Joanne Whalley - actress

1964  Vivian Campbell - guitarist (Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Dio)

1961  Billy Ray Cyrus - singer

1958  Tim Burton - movie director

1955  Elvis Costello - singer, guitarist

1951  Rob Halford - rock singer (Judas Priest)

1949  Gene Simmons - rock bassist (KISS)

1947  Anne Archer - actress

1946  Rollie Fingers - baseball Hall of Famer pitcher

1942  Willis Reed - basketball player

1942  Walter Williams - singer (The O'Jays)

1936  Gordon Johncock - auto racer (Indy 500 winner 1973, 1982)

1934  Regis Philbin - TV host

1933  Tom Skerritt - actor

1930  Sean Connery - actor

1927  Althea Gibson - tennis champ

1923  Monty Hall - TV game show host

1919  George Wallace - Alabama governor

1918  Leonard Bernstein - conductor, composer

1917  Mel Ferrer - actor

1916  Van Johnson - actor

1913  Walt Kelly - cartoonist (Pogo)

1909  Ruby Keeler - dancer, actress

1841  Emil Kocher - surgeon (won Nobel Prize, 1909)

1836  Bret Harte - author

1819  Allan Pinkerton - founded private detective firm

1530  Ivan the Terrible - Czar of Russia


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