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August 20

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000  Tiger Woods becomes the first golfer in 47 years to win three major tour events in one year.
1979The third time's a charm! Diana Nyad swims from the Bahamas to Florida, after two earlier unsuccessful attempts.
1977The NASA probe Voyager Two is launched into space, carrying an LP recording of earth sounds and welcome greetings in many languages.
1953The USSR admits it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.
1915Italy declares war on Turkey, during WWI.
1914German forces take Brussels, Belgium, during WWI.
1885Gilbert and Sullivan's musical, The Mikado, opens on Broadway.
1833Benjamin Harrison, former US president, dies.
1823Pius VII dies, in his 23rd year as Roman Catholic Pope.
1741Danish navigator Vitus Bering discovers Alaska.

Born today:

1975  Monique Powell - singer (Save Ferris)

1966  'Dimebag' Darrel Abbott - heavy metal guitarist (Pantera)

1956  Joan Allen - actress

1954  Al Roker - TV weatherman (Today show)

1952  John Hiatt - singer, songwriter, guitarist

1952  Michael Jeter - actor

1952  Rudy Gatlin - singer (Gatlin Brothers)

1952  Doug Fieger - guitarist (The Knack)

1951  Phyl Lynott - singer, bassist (Thin Lizzy)

1948  Robert Plant - singer (Led Zeppelin, The Honeydrippers, solo)

1947  Jim Pankow - trombonist (Chicago)

1946  Connie Chung - CBS new journalist, wife of TV host Maury Povich

1944  Craig Nettles - baseball player

1944  Rajiv Ghandi - Prime Minister of India (1989-91)

1942  Isaac Hayes - singer, songwriter, actor

1934  'Sneaky' Pete Kleinow - pedal steel guitarist (The Flying Burrito Brothers); film special effects artist

1931  Don King - boxing promoter

1924  Jim Reeves - country singer

1921  Jacqueline Susann - author

1890  H.P. Lovecraft - author

1833  Benjamin Harrison - 23rd US president (1889-93)


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