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August 19

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000  Hugo Chavez is sworn in as president of Venezuela after winning re-election.
1994After 30 years of open access, the US closes its borders to Cuban refugees.
1991Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev is removed from power in a coup by Communist hardliners.
1980A Saudi Arabian Lockheed L-1011 jetliner crash lands at a Riyadh airport, killing 301 passengers and crew.
1977Comedian-actor Groucho Marx dies in Los Angeles at age 86.
1972The Midnight Special, a weekly TV show featuring top pop artists performing their hit songs, debuts on NBC.
1964The Beatles perform at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, to kick off their second US tour.
1960A pair of dogs are sent into Earth orbit by Russia, to study the effects of space flight on mammals.
1929The comedy series Amos and Andy premieres on the NBC radio network.
1848Newspapers herald the discovery of gold in California.

Born today:

1989  Lil' Romeo - rapper

1969  Matthew Perry - actor

1966  Lee Ann Womack - country singer

1965  Kyra Sedgwick - actress

1965  Kevin Dillon - actor

1963  John Stamos - actor

1960  Morten Anderson - football kicker

1956  Adam Arkin - actor

1952  Jonathan Frakes - actor

1951  John Deacon - bassist (Queen)

1948  Gerald McRaney - actor

1948  Tipper Gore - wife of 42nd US Vice President Al Gore

1946  Bill Clinton - 42nd US president (1993-2001)

1945  Ian Gillan - singer (Deep Purple)

1943  Billy J. Kramer - singer (The Dakotas)

1940  Jill St. John - actress

1940  Johnny Nash - singer

1939  Ginger Baker - drummer (Cream, Blind Faith)

1938  Diana Muldaur - actress

1933  Debra Paget - actress

1931  Willie Shoemaker - jockey

1921  Gene Roddenberry - Star Trek creator

1919  Malcolm Forbes - Forbes magazine founder

1915  Ring Lardner - author

1903  Claude Dauphin - actor

1902  Ogden Nash - poet

1883  Coco Chanel - fashion designer, perfume maker

1871  Orville Wright - aviation pioneer


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