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August 15

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003Idi Amin, the former dictator of Uganda, dies in a Saudi Arabian hospital at age 80.
2000British Airways grounds all Concorde flights after a crash the previous month killed 113 passengers and crew. (Air France had earlier announced their cancellation of supersonic Concorde flights.)
1994Terrorist 'Carlos the Jackal' is jailed in France, following his capture in Sudan.
1980Ex-Beatle George Harrison's autobiography, I Me Mine, is published.
1969  The Woodstock music festival opens in upstate New York.
1961Construction begins on the Berlin Wall, separating the Communist East from the free West.
1948Korea becomes a republic.
1948The first nightly TV newscast begins, with Douglas Edwards as anchor, on the CBS network.
1947India gains its independence from Great Britain.
1945V-J Day, a holiday marking the Allied victory over Japan during WWII, is celebrated for the first time.
1935Beloved humorist Will Rogers and pilot Wiley Post are killed a plane crash near Point Barrow, AK.

Born today:

1972  Ben Affleck - actor

1968  Debra Messing - actress

1967  MCA - rapper (Beastie Boys)

1950  Tess Harper - actress

1950  Princess Anne - daughter of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, sister of Princes Charles

1945  Gene Upshaw - football player

1944  Linda Ellerbee - TV journalist, TV hostess

1942  Peter York - drummer (Spencer Davis Group)

1933  Bobby Helms - singer

1925  Oscar Peterson - jazz pianist

1925  Mike Connors - actor

1925  Rose Marie - actress

1925  Bill Pinkney - bassist (The Drifters)

1912  Wendy Hiller - actress (Oscar® winner, 1958)

1912  Julia Child - chef, author

1887  Edna Ferber - author

1879  Ethel Barrymore - actress (Oscar® winner, 1944)

1771  Sir Walter Scott - author

1769  Napoleon Bonaparte - French emperor


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