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August 12

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2004French cuisine author and TV host, Julia Child, dies in her Santa Barbara, California, home at age 91.
2004Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, inventor of the CAT scan, dies in England at age 84.
2000118 Russian sailors aboard the nuclear submarine Kursk are killed when an explosion sends the sub to the bottom of the Barents Sea.
2000Actress Loretta Young dies of cancer in Los Angeles at age 87.
1998Swiss bankers agree to pay $1.25 billion to settle claims from Holocaust survivors.
1994The Woodstock '94 music festival opens in New York.
1992Experimental music composer John Cage dies of a stroke in Los Angeles at age 79.
1985A JAL Boeing 747 crashes into a mountain in Japan, killing all 520 people aboard.
1972The last US ground forces pull out of Vietnam.
1966The Beatles, jaded with playing in front of thousands of screaming fans, begin their last tour with a performance in Chicago.
1953The USSR tests its first hydrogen bomb.
1918Regularly scheduled air mail service begins between Washington, DC, and New York City.
1898Hawaii is annexed to the US.
1898  The US signs the protocol of peace, an agreement to end the Spanish-American War.

Born today:

1971  Pete Sampras - tennis champ

1963  Sir Mix-A-Lot - rapper, actor

1961  Roy Hay - guitarist (Culture Club)

1959  Suzanne Vega - singer, guitarist

1954  Pat Metheny - jazz guitarist

1949  Mark Knopfler - guitarist, singer (Dire Straits)

1941  Jennifer Warnes - singer

1939  George Hamilton - actor

1933  Parnelli Jones - auto racer (1963 Indy 500 winner)

1930  Porter Wagoner - country singer

1929  Buck Owens - country singer, guitarist

1926  John Derek - actor, husband of actress Bo Derek

1913  Jane Wyatt - actress

1881  Cecil B. DeMille - film producer


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