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August 10

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In the headlines today:
2002  Mikey Houser, singer-guitarist for the rock band Widespread Panic, dies of pancreatic cancer at age 40.
1993Ruth Bader Ginsburg begins her term as the second woman US Supreme Court justice.
1977Postal worker David Berkowitz, a suspect in the 'Son of Sam' murders, is arrested in Yonkers, NY.
1969Charles Manson cult members kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca at their Los Angeles home.
1944US forces liberate the island of Guam from Japanese occupation, during WWII.
1921Future US president Franklin D. Roosevelt is stricken with polio while vacationing on the island of Campobello.
1897Chemist Felix Hoffmann of Bayer invents the first stable form of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).
1896German glider pioneer Otto Lilienthal dies in Berlin at age 48.
1846The US Congress establishes the Smithsonian Institution after receiving a $500,000 gift from Englishman James Smithson.
1821Missouri becomes the 24th state.

Born today:

1980  Nikki Bratcher - singer (Divine)

1968  Michael Bivins - singer (Bell Biv DeVoe, New Edition)

1967  Lorraine Pearson - singer (Five Star)

1967  Riddick Bowe - world heavyweight boxing champ (1992)

1961  Jon Farriss - drummer, singer (INXS)

1960  Antonio Banderas - actor

1959  Rosanna Arquette - actress

1947  Ian Anderson - singer, flautist (Jethro Tull)

1943  Ronnie Spector - singer (The Ronettes)

1940  Bobby Hatfield - singer (Righteous Brothers)

1928  Eddie Fisher - singer

1928  Jimmy Dean - singer, sausage maker

1926  Junior Samples - actor, comedian (Hee Haw)

1923  Rhonda Fleming - actress

1916  Noah Beery, Jr. - actor

1909  Leo Fender - guitar maker

1899  Jack Haley - actor (The Wizard of Oz)

1874  Herbert Hoover - 31st US president


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