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August 7

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1998  Terrorists bomb US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, killing over 200 people.
1996A system glitch at America Online leaves 6 million customers without Internet service for more than 18 hours.
1974Frenchman Philip Petit walks a high wire strung between the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.
1974Actress Faye Dunaway marries musician Peter Wolf (J. Geils Band) in Beverly Hills, California.
1960The Ivory Coast gains its independence from France.
1947Thor Heyerdahl reaches Polynesia aboard his balsa wood raft, Kon-Tiki, completing a voyage of 4,300 nautical miles.
1942US Marines land at Guadalcanal, during WWII.
1928The US Treasury introduces paper currency that is one-third the size of the older bills.
1789Congress establishes the US War Department.

George Washington
 The Order of the Purple Heart is created by US president George Washington.
 (photo credit: NARA)


Born today:

1975  Charlize Theron - actress

1960  David Duchovny - actor

1958  Bruce Dickenson - singer (Iron Maiden)

1955  Wayne Knight - actor (Seinfeld, 3rd Rock from the Sun)

1952  Andy Fraser - rock bassist (Free)

1945  Alan Page - football player, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice

1944  John Glover - actor

1942  B.J. Thomas - singer

1942  Garrison Keillor - humorist, radio host

1937  Magic Slim - blues guitarist, singer

1929  Don Larsen - baseball pitcher

1884  Billie Burke - actress

1876  Mata Hari - double agent


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