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August 6

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2004Funk singer Rick James is found dead at his Los Angeles home at age 56.
1991TV news host Harry Reasoner dies in Norwalk, Connecticut, at age 68.
1986Jarvik 7 artificial heart recipient William Schroeder dies, 620 days after the operation.
1978Pope Paul VI dies at age 80.

Photo shows Pope Paul VI (left) with US president Lyndon B. Johnson at the Vatican in December 1967.
(photo credit: National Archives and Records Administration)


1945An atomic bomb is released over Hiroshima, Japan, during WWII.
1941The Allied invasion of North Africa begins, during WWII.
1926Gertrude Ederle swims the English Channel -- the first American woman to do so.
1890William Kemmler becomes the first convicted murderer executed in the electric chair (Auburn State Prison, NY).
1825Bolivia declares its independence from Peru.
1806Francis I abdicates the throne, ending the reign of Holy Roman Emperors.
1623  Anne (Mrs. William) Shakespeare, wife of the famous playwright, dies.

Born today:

1965  David Robinson - basketball player

1958  Randy DeBarge - bassist, singer (DeBarge)

1952  Pat McDonald - guitarist (Timbuk 3)

1951  Catherine Hicks - actress

1950  Dorian Harewood - actor

1941  Ray Culp - baseball player

1938  Paul Bartel - author, director

1928  Andy Warhol - pop artist

1917  Robert Mitchum - actor

1911  Lucille Ball - comedienne, actress

1881  Louella Parsons - gossip columnist

1881  Alexander Fleming - penicillin discoverer

1809  Alfred Lord Tennyson - author


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