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August 5

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000   Actor Alec Guinness (Star Wars) dies at a hospital in England at age 86.
1992 Rock drummer Jeff Porcaro (Toto), dies at age 38 from an allergic reaction to pesticide.
1984 Actor Richard Burton dies of a stroke at age 58.
1981 The US government begins firing air traffic controllers who defied orders not to go on strike.
1963 The US, Britain and the USSR sign a treaty banning nuclear testing in the air, underwater, and in space.

Inside Marilyn Monroe by John Gilmore (2007 Ferine Books)
Movie actress Marilyn Monroe dies from an apparent drug overdose in Los Angeles.
(photo credit: Ferine Books)

1957 Dick Clark's teen music program, American Bandstand, makes its network TV debut on ABC.
1924 Harold Gray debuts his comic strip, Little Orphan Annie, in the New York Daily News.
1923 Henry Sullivan swims across the English Channel, the first American to do so.
1921 The first play-by-play radio broadcast of a baseball game is made (KDKA - Pittsburgh).
1914 The first electric traffic lights are installed (Cleveland, OH).
1884 The cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty is laid in NY Harbor.
1861 The US government introduces an income tax.

Born today:

1970  Josie Bissett - actress

1968  Terri Clark - country singer

1966  Jonathan Silverman - actor

1964  MCA - rapper (Beastie Boys)

1962  Patrick Ewing - basketball player

1956  Maureen McCormick - actress (The Brady Bunch)

1953  Samantha Sang - singer

1947  Rick Derringer - guitarist, singer (The McCoys, Edgar Winter Group)

1946  Loni Anderson - actress

1943  Sammi Smith - singer

1942  Rick Huxley - bassist (Dave Clark Five)

1940  Roman Gabriel - NFL quarterback

1935  John Saxon - actor

1930  Neil Armstrong - first man to walk on the moon

1911  Robert Taylor - actor

1906  John Huston - film director

1889  Conrad Aiken - poet

1850  Guy DeMaupassant - author


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