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July 30

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:

Britney Spears: In The Zone (Jive Records)
Pop singer Britney Spears and dancer Kevin Federline are divorced in Los Angeles.
(photo credit: Jive Records)

1996   Actress Claudette Colbert dies in Barbados at age 92.
1975 Former union boss Jimmy Hoffa disappears in Detroit, and is not seen nor heard from again.
1965 US president Lyndon Johnson signs the Medicare bill into law, said bill to become effective the following year.
1956 In God We Trust becomes the official motto of the US.
1952 The radio soap opera, The Guiding Light, moves to television -- where it is still seen today.
1937 The American Federation of Radio Artists is organized; it would later become AFTRA, to recognize television artists.
1932 The Olympic Games open in Los Angeles, California.
1909 The US government buys its first airplane from the Wright Brothers.
1729 The city of Baltimore, Maryland, is founded.
1718 Pennsylvania colony founder William Penn dies.

Born today:

1974  Hilary Swank - actress

1963  Lisa Kudrow - actress

1961  Laurence Fishburne - actor

1958  Kate Bush - singer

1957  Rat Scabies - drummer (The Damned)

1956  Delta Burke - actress

1947  Arnold Schwarzenegger - actor, bodybuilder

1947  Marc Bolan - singer, guitarist (T. Rex)

1945  David Sanborn - flute/sax player

1941  Paul Anka - singer

1939  Peter Bogdanovich - film director

1936  Buddy Guy - blues guitarist, singer

The McGuire Sisters (MCA Records)

 Christine McGuire - singer (The McGuire Sisters)
 (photo credit: MCA Records)

1890  Casey Stengel - baseball player, manager

1863  Henry Ford - auto maker

1818  Emily Bronte - author


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