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July 29

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1996  China explodes a nuclear test device, hours before a world conference to ban such tests.
1981Britain's Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are married in St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
1967An accidentally discharged rocket starts a massive fire aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal, killing 134 servicemen, off the coast of North Vietnam.
1965Britain's Queen Elizabeth II attends the London premiere of Help!, the first motion picture starring The Beatles.
1958The US formally enters the space race as Congress establishes the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
1957Jack Paar debuts in The Jack Paar Show, forerunner of today's The Tonight Show on NBC-TV.
1914The first coast-to-coast telephone call is placed, between San Francisco and New York City.
1940John Sigmund swims nearly 300 miles of the Mississippi River, starting at St. Louis and working his way down to Caruthersville, MO, in 89 hours and 48 minutes.
1900Italy's King Humbert I is assassinated; his son, Victor Emmanuel III, succeeds him.
1890Artist Vincent van Gogh commits suicide in Auvers, France.

Born today:

1973  Wanya Morris - singer (Boyz II Men)

1972  Wil Wheaton - actor

1966  Martina McBride - singer

1963  Alexandra Paul - actress (Baywatch)

1956  Michael Biehn - actor

1953  Geddy Lee - bassist, singer (Rush)

1949  Marilyn Quayle - wife of 44th US Vice President Dan Quayle

1946  Neal Doughty - keyboardist (REO Speedwagon)

1941  David Warner - actor

1938  Peter Jennings - TV news anchor (ABC)

1933  Randy Sparks - singer, songwriter (New Christy Minstrels)

1926  Don Carter - bowling champ

1925  Ted Lindsay - hockey player

1923  Richard Egan - actor

1907  Melvin Belli - show business attorney

1894  Clara Bow - actress

1887  Sigmund Romberg - composer, ASCAP co-founder

1861  Alice Roosevelt - wife of 26th US president Theodore Roosevelt


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