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July 26

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1990  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is signed into law by US president George Bush.
1984Prince's feature-length movie, Purple Rain, is introduced at a gala premiere in Hollywood.
1971Apollo 15, the fourth NASA manned lunar expedition, blasts off from Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
1957Carlos Armas, president of Guatemala, is assassinated.
1952Eva Peron, First Lady of Argentina, dies of cancer in Buenos Aires at age 33.
1947The US National Security Council is established.
1945British prime minister Winston Churchill resigns, in the wake of the Labor Party's election victories over the Conservatives.
1925Less than a week after the famous 'Scopes Monkey Trial', prosecutor William Jennings Bryan dies at age 65.
1920American women obtain the right to vote as the 19th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified.
1907The US Navy launches its first turbine-powered ship, the USN Chester.
1847Liberia, settled in Africa by freed US slaves, becomes the first African colony to become an independent state.
1788New York becomes the 11th state to ratify the US Constitution.
1775The US Postal Service is established by the Continental Congress; Ben Franklin is appointed Postmaster General.

Born today:

1964  Sandra Bullock - actress

1959  Kevin Spacey - actor

1956  Dorothy Hamill - figure skater

1954  Vitas Gerulaitis - tennis champ

1949  Roger Taylor - drummer (Queen)

1943  Mick Jagger - rock singer (The Rolling Stones)

1943  Dobie Gray - singer

1939  Bob Lilly - football Hall of Famer

1928  Stanley Kubrick - film director

1924  Louie Bellson - drummer (Duke Ellington Band)

1922  Jason Robards, Jr. - actor

1922  Blake Edwards - film director

1912  Vivian Vance - actress (I Love Lucy)

1928  Stanley Kubrick - film director

1906  Gracie Allen - comedienne, actress

1894  Aldous Huxley - philosopher

1856  George Bernard Shaw - author

1796  George Catlin - artist


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