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July 24

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999   Singer Phil Collins (formerly of the rock band Genesis) marries Orianne Cevey in Lausanne, Switzerland.
1996 Terrorists explode a pair of bombs on a commuter train in Sri Lanka, killing 64 people.
1980 Actor Peter Sellers dies of a heart attack in England at age 54.

Richard M. Nixon
The US Supreme Court rules that President Richard Nixon must obey a subpoena to turn over Watergate tapes to the special investigation committee.
(photo credit: NARA)


Grank Funk Railroad: Phoenix (Capitol)  
Grand Funk Railroad records the instrumental tracks for the song Rock & Roll Soul, which would appear on their Phoenix album.
(The song would later peak at #7 on the US Top 40 singles chart.)
(photo credit: Capitol)

1969 The crew of the Apollo 11 mission -- which culminated in man's first steps on the moon -- splash down in the Pacific.
1923 The boundaries of Turkey are settled by the Treaty of Lausanne, signed by the Turks and the Allied powers.
1866 Tennessee rejoins the Union -- the first Confederate state to do so -- after the Civil War.
1862 Martin Van Buren, 8th US president, dies in New York at age 79.
1847 Mormon settlers, led by Brigham Young, reach Utah's Great Salt Lake Valley.
1534 Explorer James Cartier claims Canada for France.

Born today:

1982  Anna Paquin - actress

1969  Jennifer Lopez - singer, actress

1968  Laura Leighton - actress

1966  Kadeem Hardison - actor

1964  Barry Bonds (Majestic Athletic)  

Barry Bonds - baseball player
(photo credit: Majestic Athletic)

1953  Steve Grogan - NFL quarterback

1951  Lynda Carter - actress

1949  Michael Richards - actor (Seinfeld)

1947  Robert Hays - actor

1942  Heinz Burt - bassist (The Tornados)

1941  Barbara Jean Love - singer (Friends of Distinction)

1936  Ruth Buzzi - actress, comedienne

1936  Pat Oliphant - political cartoonist

1920  Bella Abzug - US Congresswoman

1910  Vera - artist

1898  Amelia Earhart - aviator

1802  Alexander Dumas - author

1783  Simon Bolivar - brought independence to South America


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