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July 14

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1999  Five tobacco companies are ordered by a Florida jury to pay smokers a record $145 billion in punitive damages.
1999Actress Meredith MacRae (Petticoat Junction) dies in California at age 56.
1976Jimmy Carter garners his party's presidential nomination at the Democratic national convention in New York.
1966Eight student nurses in a Chicago dormitory are murdered by Richard Speck.
1965Photos of the Martian surface are relayed back to Earth as the NASA space probe Mariner Four travels past Mars.
1965US Ambassador and former Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson dies in London, at age 65.
1958The Iraqi army overthrows the ruling monarchy.
1940Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are annexed to the USSR.
1933Germany decrees illegal all political parties except the Nazi party.
1921Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are convicted in a Massachusetts court of killing two men in a shoe factory during a robbery.
1885Sarah Goode becomes the first African-American woman to receive a US patent, for her folding cabinet bed.
1881The outlaw Billy the Kid (William H. Bonney, Jr.) is shot and killed in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico.
1865The Matterhorn is first climbed by Edward Whymper and his party. (Tragedy mars the descent, as Douglas Hadow, Lord Francis Douglas, and guide Michel Croz fall to their deaths.)
1798The Sedition Act -- making it illegal to publish false, scandalous or malicious information about the US government -- is passed by Congress.
1789An angry mob storms the Bastille prison, marking the start of the French Revolution (Bastille Day).

Born today:

1975  Tameka Cottle - R&B singer (Xscape)

1970  Missy Gold - actress

1966  Tonya Donelly - singer, guitarist (Belly)

1966  Matthew Fox - actor (Lost)

1952  Jerry Houser - actor

1952  Chris Cross - bassist, keyboardist (Ultravox)

1933  Del Reeves - singer

1932  'Rosey' (Roosevelt) Grier - football player, actor

1931  Robert Stephens - actor

1930  Polly Bergen - actress

1928  Nancy Olson - actress

1927  John Chancellor - broadcast journalist

1926  Harry Dean Stanton - actor

1923  Dale Robertson - actor

1918  Arthur Laurents - playwright

1918  Ingmar Bergman - film director

1917  Douglas Edwards - CBS news anchor

1913  Gerald Ford  

Gerald Ford - 38th US president
(photo credit: NARA)

1912  Woody Guthrie - folk singer, songwriter

1911  Terry Thomas - actor

1910  William Hanna - cartoonist (Hanna-Barbera Productions)

1903  Irving Stone - author

1486  Andrea del Sarto - artist


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