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July 12

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003Jazz great Benny Carter, renowned as a composer, saxophonist, orchestra leader and arranger, dies at age 95.
1996Minnesota Twins baseball star Kirby Puckett announces his retirement, due to vision problems brought on by glaucoma.
1996Longtime NBC Evening News anchor John Chancellor dies of cancer at age 68.
1993A magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes northern Japan, killing nearly 200 people.
1984US Representative Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY) is selected as the running mate of Democrat party presidential candidate Walter Mondale.
Did you know? Ferraro was the first woman VP candidate ever selected by a major political party.

1983U2 guitarist The Edge (Dave Evans) marries Aislinn O'Sullivan.
1979Singer Minnie Riperton (Loving You) dies of breast cancer at age 31.
1973Character actor Lon Chaney, Jr., dies in San Clemente, California, at age 67.
1960The Etch-A-Sketch children's toy is sold for the first time.
Did you know? Over 100 million Etch-A-Sketches have been sold since they were first introduced!

1951Allie Reynolds pitches a no-hitter to help the NY Yankees beat Cleveland, 1-0.
1912Queen Elizabeth becomes the first foreign feature-length film released to US theaters.
1862The Medal of Honor is authorized by the US Congress.
1543  King Henry VIII of England marries wife number six: Catherine Parr.

Born today:

1971  Kristi Yamaguchi - Olympic gold medal figure skater

1962  Dan Murphy - guitarist (Soul Asylum)

1952  Liz Mitchell - singer (Boney M)

1949  John Wetton - bassist (Asia)

1948  Richard Simmons - weight loss guru

1943  Christine McVie - singer (Fleetwood Mac, solo)

1937  Bill Cosby - actor, author

1934  Van Cliburn - pianist

1917  Andrew Wyeth - artist

1909  'Curly' Joe DeRita - actor, comedian (The Three Stooges)

1908  Milton Berle - actor, comedian

1895  Oscar Hammerstein - songwriter (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

1861  George Washington Carver - agricultural chemist

1854  George Eastman - Kodak camera inventor

1817  Henry David Thoreau - author

1730  Josiah Wedgewood - glassware manufacturer

  100 B.C.  Julius Caesar - Roman emperor


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