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July 9

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
1982  A Pan Am 727 jetliner crashes in Kenner, LA, killing 154 people.
1974Former US Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren dies in Washington, DC.
1944US forces wrest control of Saipan from the Japanese during WWII.
1926Actor/dancer Ray Bolger (Wizard of Oz) marries Gwendolyn Rickard.
1921Hawaii National Park is dedicated.
1918Two trains collide in Nashville, Tennessee, killing over a hundred people.
1918The Distinguished Service Medal is authorized by the US Congress.
1850Zachary Taylor, 12th US president, dies 16 months into his term.
1816Argentina declares its independence from Spain.
1540The marriage of England's King Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves is annulled.

Born today:

1976  Fred Savage - actor

1965  Frank Bello - bassist (Anthrax)

1959  Jim Kerr - singer (Simple Minds)

1959  Marc Almond - singer (Soft Cell)

1958  Jimmy Smits - actor

1957  Kelly McGillis - actress

1956  Tom Hanks - actor (Oscar® winner: 1993, 1994)

1954  Debbie Sledge - singer (Sister Sledge)

1952  John Tesh - composer, TV host

1947  O.J. Simpson - football player, actor

1946  Bon Scott - singer (AC/DC)

1942  Richard Roundtree - actor (Shaft)

1938  Brian Dennehy - actor

1936  James Hampton - actor

1927  Red Kelly - hockey player

1927  Ed Ames - singer, actor

1916  Edward Heath - British Prime Minister (1970-74)


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