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July 8

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2003 A worker at the Lockheed Martin plant near Meridian, Mississippi, kills five co-workers and wounds eight others, before killing himself.

George W. Bush: Portrait of a Leader (Karen Hughes)
US president George W. Bush announces a federal plan to crack down on corporate executives who engage in misconduct.

(photo credit: Tyndale House)

1994 North Korean leader, Kim Il Sung, dies at age 82.
1991 Iraq announces that it has a nuclear weapons program.
1987 Lt. Col. Oliver North testifies at televised Iran-Contra hearings.
1959 The first US troops die during combat in Vietnam.
1948 The first women are sworn into the US Regular Army.
1907 Flo Ziegfeld premieres his Ziegfeld Follies atop the New York Theater.
1891 US president Warren G. Harding marries Florence DeWolfe in Ohio.
1889 The first issue of The Wall Street Journal is published.
1776 The Declaration of Independence is read to the public for the first time, in Philadelphia.
1663 England's King Charles II grants a charter to Rhode Island.
1497   Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama sets sail to find a sea route to India.

Born today:

1971  Wendy Benson-Landes - actress

Beck (Geffen Records)

1970  Beck - singer, guitarist
 (photo credit: Geffen Records)

1962  Joan Osborne - singer

1961  Graham Jones - guitarist (Haircut 100)

1961  Andy Fletcher - keyboardist (Depeche Mode)

1958  Kevin Bacon - actor

1952  Jack Lambert - football player

1951  Anjelica Huston - actress (Oscar® winner, 1951)

1949  Wolfgang Puck - chef

1948  Kim Darby - actress

1944  Jeffrey Tambor - actor

1935  Steve Lawrence - singer

1933  Marty Feldman - actor

1932  Jerry Vale - singer

1931  Roone Arledge - ABC-TV executive

1923  Harrison Dillard - track and field star

1918  Pamela Brown - actress

1914  Billy Eckstine - bandleader, singer

1908  Nelson Rockefeller - US Vice President (1974-77), Governor of NY (1958-73)

1908  Louis Jordan - saxophonist, singer


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