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June 25

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2009Pop singer Michael Jackson dies of heart failure at age 50 in Los Angeles.
2009Actress Farrah Fawcett dies of cancer at age 62.
2000Tobacco, beer and food producer Philip Morris announces plans to buy Nabisco for $14.9 billion.
199619 Americans are killed and hundreds wounded when a truck bomb explodes at a US military base in Saudi Arabia.
1995Warren Burger, 15th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, dies at age 87.
1993  Kim Campbell becomes the first woman elected Prime Minister of Canada.
1988Mildred Gillars, aka Nazi propaganda broadcaster Axis Sally, dies in Columbus, OH, at age 87.
1980Bob Griese, quarterback of the Miami Dolphins for 14 seasons, announces his retirement.
1966The daytime serial Dark Shadows premieres on ABC-TV.
1962Non-denominational prayer in public schools is ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.
1951CBS broadcasts the world's first commercial color TV program.
1950The Korean War begins with troops from the communist North invading the South.
1942Bremen, Germany, takes a pounding by nearly 1,000 British RAF bombers during WWII.
1876Colonel George Armstrong Custer, along with 200 of his troops, dies in a battle with Sioux Indians at Little Bighorn, MT.
1868Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina rejoin the Union, following the US Civil War.
1844John Tyler becomes the first US president to marry in office, as he exchanges wedding vows with Julia Gardiner.
1788The Virginia colony ratifies the US Constitution.

Born today:

1971  Sean Kelly - guitarist (Sixpence None the Richer)

1963  George Michael - singer

1954  David Paich - keyboardist (Toto)

1949  Phyllis George - TV host

1947  Jimmie Walker - comedian, actor

1946  Ian McDonald - guitarist (Foreigner, King Crimson)

1946  Allen Lanier - rock keyboardist (Blue Oyster Cult)

Carly Simon (Elektra Entertainment)

 Carly Simon - singer
 (photo credit: Elektra Entertainment)

1942  Willis Reed - basketball player

1939  Barbara Montgomery - actress

1935  Eddie Floyd - R&B singer

1925  June Lockhart - actress

1915  Peter Lind Hayes - actor, singer

1903  Anne Revere - actress (Oscar® winner, 1944)

1903  George Orwell - author

1886  'Hap' Arnold - 1st 5-star US Air Force General


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