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June 22

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2002  Advice columnist Ann Landers (Esther Friedman) dies of cancer in Chicago at age 83.
1993Patricia 'Pat' Nixon, wife of former US president Richard Nixon, dies in Park Ridge, New Jersey, at age 81.
1981Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to assassinating former Beatle John Lennon.
1970The legal voting age in the US is lowered to 18.
1969Actress/singer Judy Garland dies in London, at age 47.
1945American forces secure the island of Okinawa from the Japanese, after a fierce 81-day battle.
1944US president Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the GI Bill, providing benefits to members of the armed services.
1940France formally surrenders to Germany, during WWII.
1911King George V of England is crowned.
1870The US Department of Justice is created by Congress.
1868Arkansas is readmitted to the Union, after the US Civil War.

Born today:

1974  Donald Faison - actor (Scrubs)

1973  Carson Daly - MTV host

1973  Chris Traynor - guitarist (Helmet)

1970  Steven Page - singer (Barenaked Ladies)

1964  Mike Edwards - singer, guitarist (Jesus Jones)

1964  Amy Brenneman - actress (Judging Amy)

1962  Clyde Drexler - basketball player

1960  Tracy Pollan - actress, married to actor Michael J. Fox

1957  Gary Beers - bassist (INXS)

1954  Freddie Prinze, Sr. - comedian, actor

1949  Lindsay Wagner - actress

1949  Meryl Streep - actress (Oscar® winner, 1982)

1949  Allen Osmond - singer (The Osmonds)

1948  Todd Rundgren - singer, producer

1948  Pete Maravich - basketball player

1947  Howard Kaylan - singer (The Turtles, Flo and Eddy)

1944  Klaus Maria Brandauer - actor

1944  Peter Asher - singer (Peter and Gordon)

1941  Barry Serafin - ABC-TV news reporter

1941  Michael Lerner - actor

1941  Ed Bradley - CBS-TV news reporter

1936  Kris Kristofferson - singer, actor

1933  Diane Feinstein - politician

1928  Ralph Waite - actor

1921  Joseph Papp - Broadway producer

1906  Billy Wilder - film director (Oscar® winner: 1945, 1960)


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