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June 8

What happened on the day you were born?

In the headlines today:
2000  Pulitzer Prize Winning cartoonist Jeff MacNelly, creator of the comic strip Shoe, dies of cancer at age 52.
1995US Air Force Capt. Scott O'Grady is rescued by US Marines, after having to survive alone for several days when his F-16 fighter was shot down.
1968James Earl Ray, suspected of assassinating Martin Luther King Jr., is captured at the London Airport.
196734 US servicemen are killed when Israeli warplanes mistakenly attack the Navy ship Liberty stationed in the Mediterranean.
1965The Russian moon probe, Luna 6, is launched.
1947Lassie makes its broadcast debut on the ABC radio network.
1917A fire at the Granite Mountain Shaft copper mine near Butte, MT, results in the death of 163 miners, America's worst hard-rock mining disaster.
1867Gold is discovered at South Pass, WY (Carissa Lode).
1861Tennessee secedes from the Union and joins the Confederacy.
1845Andrew Jackson, seventh US president, dies in Nashville.
1504Michaelangelo's David is installed in the Palazzo (Florence, Italy).

Born today:

1970  Nicci Gilbert - R&B singer (Brownstone)

1970  Kelli Williams - actress

1967  Julianna Margulies - actress

1966  Doris Pearson - singer (Five Star)

1962  Nick Rhodes - keyboardist (Duran Duran)

1960  Mick Hucknall - singer (Simply Red)

1958  Keenen Ivory Wayans - actor

1957  Scott Adams - cartoonist (Dilbert)

1953  Bonnie Tyler - singer

1950  Kathy Baker - actress

1950  Sonia Braga - actress

1947  Mick Box - guitarist (Uriah Heep)

1944  Boz Scaggs - singer (solo, Steve Miller Band)

1944  Don Grady - actor (My Three Sons)

1942  Chuck Negron - singer (Three Dog Night)

1940  Nancy Sinatra - singer

1937  Joan Rivers - comedienne

1936  James Darren - singer, actor (Time Tunnel)

1929  Jerry Stiller - actor, comedian (father of Ben Stiller)

1925  Barbara Bush - wife of 41st US president George Bush

1924  George Kirby - comedian

1918  Robert Preston - actor

1869  Frank Lloyd Wright - architect

1810  Robert Schumann - composer


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